Intimate Moments
Jeff, Frank's neighbor, is always hard and horny! Frank is ready to take on that stud's rigid, huge prick any time. These two hot, young studs get on in every room of the house; they suck and fuck everywhere. Finally, they explode with two of the longest, thickest loads of hot cum ever seen on film. Then, they go at it again! Randy Walker decides to take a short-cut and ends up in Lord's backyard, where he is sunbathing. Randy certainly approves of what he sees, and when he notices David's growing interest, he decides on an alternate form of exercise. Soon the two young men are hard at it. When Randy starts to fuck David. Dale, a Marine on a three-day pass, has a constantly hard cock! What stars as playing around in the shower with his younger "brother," Ed, soon ends up in hot sex. Jerry Peters, Richard Lynn These two lovers just can't keep their hands off each other. Even in bathtub, they shoot big cum loads! Two stud athletes learn about man-to-man sex in their frat house (of all places!) They get warmed up in the front of the rec room fireplace before going into their room and down to some hot sucking and fucking behind the locked door. Frank can never get enough cock! Finally, he meets a dude who can keep up with him. Todd, after an all-night, hot orgy at Frank's place, wakes up ready to go at it again. Carpenter David Lord stops by to take some measurements for a new storage cabinet in Mario's garage. Mario has other ideas, however, and after a well-aimed hint from Mario, David is soon taking the measure of Mario's throat with his large, handsome, and hard-driving tool.


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